The Sulzbacher Clinics operate on-site dispensaries, providing low cost medications in a convenient setting for patients seen by our healthcare professionals (NOTE: We do not prescribe controlled substances). We also participate in Prescription Assistance Programs to help our patients who meet the required guidelines access medications free of charge or at a significantly reduced cost. 

A Prescription Assistance Program (PAP) is a program offered by drug companies that provides free or low cost prescription drugs to patients who cannot afford them. Most major drug companies offer patient assistance programs, however eligibility requirements vary from one program to another. In general, patients applying for these programs must meet the following minimum requirements:

§  Health requirements: Participants in PAPs are required to provide proof of the need for a prescription. A written prescription usually acceptable, but in some cases, additional documentation may be required.

§  Financial requirements: Eligibility is based on a sliding scale discount and is governed by federal poverty guidelines.Most programs use the federal poverty guidelines; some have multi-tiered eligibility requirements to determine if medications are provided completely free or at a specified price reduction.

§  Insurance requirements: Insurance requirements vary across programs. Most offer assistance to those without insurance.