When the I.M. Sulzbacher Center for the Homeless opened its doors in 1995 the need in our community was different.  Back then we only served men and only had the capacity to provide breakfast to our residents.  As the face of homelessness in Northeast Florida has evolved so has our Center. Now the Sulzbacher Center is home to over 360 men, women and children.

Sulzbacher was founded on the premise that homeless persons need and deserve more than just a meal and a bed to facilitate their recovery and reintegration into the community. Sulzbacher provides a continuum of care approach to addressing all aspects of homelessness.          

Originally Sulzbacher was founded by three different but equally important groups the City of Jacksonville, a group of area philanthropists and businessmen, and the United Way on Northeast Florida. 

We took our name and our inspiration  from a man who exhibited extraordinary civic leadership and concern for the homeless. I.M. Sulzbacher combined a successful business career with selfless dedication to our community. He took the lead in raising money and set the high standards for the center that now bears his name. And although he passed away in 2001, his spirit of giving and his dedication to the homeless lives on at Sulzbacher.